libPLS: an Integrated Library for Partial Least Squares Regression and Linear Discriminant Analysis

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3. The libPLS paper is published in Chemom. Intell. Lab. Syst.
2. Customer prior is allowed in LDA to weigh each class of samples in version 1.98.
1. Elastic Component Regression(ECR) added in version 1.95.

1. Download

libPLS is currently written in MATLAB 7.10.0(R2010a). The source codes of libPLS are freely available. The library is free for scientific use but not for commercial purposes. Please contact me, if you are planning to use this software for commercial purposes.

Adding your own functions to libPLS: libPLS is open to all users to make changes and/or to add their own functions. There are two options:

(1) users can add new functions to libPLS and send me the the updated package along with notes on what changes have been made.
(2) users can send me functions in .m files, I can then include them in libPLS after testing.
Contact: see 'Overview' page for e-mail.

Version Changes
libPLS_1.98.zip added a parameter 'prior' for LDA, allowing users to specify customized prior for each class of samples.

2. How to cite?

if you use this library, please cite it as: Li H.-D., Xu Q.-S., Liang Y.-Z. (2014) libPLS: an integrated library for partial least squares regression and discriminant analysis. Chemom. Intell. Lab. Syst, 2018, 176,34-43

libPLS: an Integrated Library for Partial Least Squares Regression and Discrimiannt Analysis. libPLS is under continuous development.